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Pest Problem? Our exterminators specialize in the extermination of the most common insects and rodents in Montreal and on the North Shore.

Bed Bugs

Do business with real professionals to get rid of the problem for good at a good price, in a safe & ecological way.

Rats & Mice

Rodent infestations? Our pest control specialists will take care of the problem with their specialized traps and the latest rodenticide techniques.


Big black ants or small red or brown ants? We treat all types of ants to solve the problem in a sustainable way.

Wasps & Bees

Problematic wasp nest? Don’t take chances, we can get rid of it safely.


Problem with cockroaches? An insecticide treatment can solve the problem quickly and effectively.


Skunk, raccoon, groundhog, bat… We can capture and relocate any animal you are having trouble with.

Area served We serve Montreal, Laval, the North Shore of Montreal, the south of Lanaudière, the south of the Laurentians and the western suburbs